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Buy Japanese Used Cars and Parts Directly from The Cheapest Place in Japan!

JAPAN AUCTION DIRECT is a Japanese Used Cars and Parts Exporter. We support the customers buy directly from the cheapest plase in Japan, Yahoo! Auction. If you win, we will send the items to your nearest port.
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Do you know Yahoo!Auction?

Yahoo!Auction is the biggest and the cheapest auction place in Japan. Lots of individuals and dealers are listing in this place. Of course, used cars/parts section is the hottest category. You may find rare items you never see on other place. J.A.D support you BUY DIRECTLY from Yahoo!Auction at the local price, at your office.

How to get the items?

You can get the items at the local price with ONLY 3 STEPS! You don't need to worry any prosessing in JAPAN at all.

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Why choose J.A.D?


Our Features are c
1.Low cost
- We charge only when you win a listing. You don't need to pay monthly fee. *
2.Negotiation with seller
- We negotiate with the sellers on behalf of you. We will try our best for the price, the condition, etc.
3.Exporting Cars and Parts
- We export not only cars, but also parts. Also, exporting container is available.

* Yahoo!Auction will charge about $3 while you use AuctionID.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us.

Address: 332-39, Kusanagi, Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, JAPAN
Telephone: +81-90-7200-1242 (Japanese)
FAX: +81-54-348-8767 (Japanese or English)
E-mail: (Japanese or English)